Albares Uno is the "Grand Cru" of the cooperative Jalón Moncayo. A limited edition made from a selection of the best olives of the arbequina and picual in the area. It's has been awarded at Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition with the 2014 BEST OF CLASS - Northern Hemisphere medal, what places it as one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the World.

The product is designed for connoisseurs of extra virgin olive oil and for delicatessen stores.
Fruity aroma, sweet with notes of apples and almonds. On the palate, light tingling sensation. Arbequina and Picual varieties are processed separately, and ensamblarse in the right proportions to result in a balanced and elegant product extremely rich in nuances.

Jalón Moncayo S.L. is formed by major cooperatives in the area and BANTIERRA.

From this union, a research and development (R + D + I) project starts.

The intense temperature variations between seasons and the strong wind called “Cierzo”, characteristics of the region, help the olives to grow slow, with enough time to absorb the minerals from the soil, and concentrating the entire flavor, body and aroma in the final products.

The coupages are produced in our laboratory, under the supervision of expert tasters. The organoleptic and chemical characteristics are analysed and the best assemblage of each harvest is made

The coupage of the arbequina, picual and empeltre varieties results in an extra virgin olive oil with an outstanding body and a fruity, fresh and sweet aroma, with touches of almond and apple.
Thanks to the high quantity of polyphenols of the picual variety, its qualities remain unaltered, while at the same time its contents of oleic acid become a key element for health.

The cornerstone of Corporación Oleícola Jalón Moncayo, since its creation, has been the work developed to obtain an olive oil capable of reflecting the essence of this region with such an important olive oil tradition.

The brand "Albares" aims to provide an extra virgin olive oil well differentiated. Under the principle of high quality, the goal is to meet the needs of the growing demand of our clients,creating an extra virgin olive oil, wich is cold extracted and obtained from a "coupage" selection of the best olives.

For over 6,000 years, olive oil has been used by Mediterranean societies for everything, even as money or medicine. Now the rest of the world discovers the extra virgin olive oil, the most versatile juice.

The olive groves of Aragon, sheltered by the Pyrenees and the Iberian System, stretch out in a singular landscape, home of our extra virgin olive oil cellar.

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